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A family place for generations

The beginning of the history of hospitality

The history of our family in the Hospitality business stretches as far back as 1683.One of our ancestors Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki opened the first cafe in Europe, in Vienna. He was the first to offer guests his epoch-making discovery – coffee with milk.
A trader in oriental goods, who during the siege of Vienna, conveyed a strategic message about the relief of the city from the Ottoman invaders, and thanks to that the city of Vienna did not surrender to the enemy. After the victory by the Europeans, who were led by the Polish king Jan Sobieski the third, Kulczycki was elevated to the status of hero by the grateful citizens of Vienna for his deed. As a reward, he was allowed to choose anything he wanted from the spoils of war from the defeated Turkish camp. Kulczycki decided to take 300 sacks of unusual looking beans that were in reality supplies of coffee, but everyone thought it was camel feed.

Today in Villa Eva, we still keep the old tradition alive, and serve the traditional Kulczycki coffee with milk and honey together with a crescent-shaped cake.

An area full of life and steeped in history and culture

Villa Eva in Wrzeszcz, Gdansk

Wrzeszcz is the oldest surviving, pre-war suburb located within the city limits, on the historic route which runs from the Old Town to the outlying districts of Oliwa and Sopot. It is a thriving center of culture, education and entertainment which includes such attractions as: Kuźniczki Park, the Technical University of Gdańsk, the New Synagogue that dates back to 1927 ,the house where the world famous Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass resided, in addition to plentiful bars, restaurants and shops, all within easy reach of the hotel .
Villa Eva is surrounded by the expansive Tri-City Landscape Park which offers ideal conditions for all types of outdoor activities such as: cycling, jogging, Nordic Walking or just going for a relaxing stroll. The Teatr Leśny forest theatre is just a short walk from the hotel through the peaceful park where many different types of cultural events are held every summer to cater for all tastes.

How Villa Eva came to be?

Our passion

Hotel Villa Eva was established in 1998. Throughout the following years we have grown and developed, a restaurant, wine bar, banquet hall and beautiful garden are some of the facilities that have been added. This labor of love which we started from scratch is an ongoing process which we are planning to continue.

We are most inspired by our guests. The people who visit Villa Eva and appreciate the intimate character and the fact that they are always well taken care of
and receive personal attention. We are proud to say that many people who have visited us, often pay a return visit to experience our personal and intimate hospitality, for a second time.

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