Kulczycki history

The Kulczycki family has an interesting story behind the name. It is connected to Francis Kulczycki (1640-1694). He was a Polish man born in Sambor near Lwow. He was a trader of oriental products and a translator of the Turkic language. Meanwhile Vienna was invaded by the Ottoman Empire, Francis joined the Polish king Jan III Sobieski who was coming with a relief force.


Francis Kulczycki got awarded and honoured for his courage and inestimable positive impact on the issue. He was gifted with all the carts of coffee that the Ottomans left behind while they were escaping. Leopold I (the lord of Vienna) gave him the privilege of opening the fist coffee shop in Vienna and at the same time the first coffee shop in Europe. Francis called it “Under the blue bottle”. He served coffee with milk and honey. The customers were excited about the new product and the unusual flavour. That is how Francis Kulczycki introduced the citizens of Vienna to drinking coffee.


We want to cultivate our family’s tradition and we serve Kulczycki’s coffee beans in the classic Kulczycki way.


In 1862, Vienna celebrated the memory of Francis Kulczycki by naming a street with his name. In 1885 a coffee shop owner at the corner of Favoritenstrasse and Kolschitzkygasse built a monument of Kulczycki in his traditional attire of a Turkish coffee maker.